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YMI Service Group

The leadership of YMI Service Group has more than 25 years in the Staffing industry and we’ve
seen a lot of good, and a whole lot of bad in the Staffing Industry. We decided to open YMI Service Group to try to make a positive difference for our Clients, Employees, and Community.

Staffing companies as a rule don’t have great reputations and unfortunately, a lot of those reputations are well deserved. There are some good ones out there, but there are also a lot of organizations that have earned those reputations through their shady business practices, lack of care for their Field employees, and an overall lack of transparency in their processes and pricing.

YMI Service Group seeks to pull back the curtain and provide a better experience to both Clients and Field
Employees alike. All while keeping our purpose of “Being the change in the world that we would
all like to see” in focus through our Non-Profit sharing program that will direct up to 4% total annual sales to impacting ministries, communities, and Non-Profits directed by OUR CLIENTS.


Take a look in the "The YMI Difference" tab for more details!



Tel. 972.465.9333

PO BOX 697





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