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Staffing Firm Dirty Little Secrets : Exposed

Clients pay for the failed efforts of your Staffing Partners Business Development team.

--Did you realize the reason you have to pay so much to your recruiting partners is because you are paying not only for the delivery to your open position, but you are paying for the business development efforts that are being done across the board by the staffing group?​ 


--Often times the Recruiting Partner is trying to sell to your direct competitor so that they can build a “pipeline” where they present the same candidates to multiple Clients and first to the finish line wins, regardless of the Clients’ need.

--More than 85% of Sales people in Recruiting don’t last more than 2 years.

--These positions often come with large compensation guarantees and the Recruiting company knows they have to offset those costs with higher rates to their customer. YMI Service Group will not have a Business Development group and is, therefore, able to invest in what matters most to you- Fulfillment of your open roles

--These Recruiting team members are traditionally compensated at a rate of approx. 50-60% of that of those on the Business Development side.

--An average Recruiting firm spends anywhere between 2 to 3 times MORE annually on Business Development than on the Fulfillment of their Clients Open Positions.


YMI Service Group Fulfillment to Business Development will be a 1 to 0 ratio… Our focus will be solely and exclusively on fulfillment. We believe that if we can deliver within our sphere of influence, the Business Development part will take care of itself, either through expansion within that existing customer group, or through shared industry referrals.

Why should a customer end up paying for the Business Development work that is done externally, and not benefiting their needs? Well, it shouldn’t and that is why YMI Service Group will not make investments at the expense of its Clients.


Our investments will be in those non-profit partners and in Fulfillment Resources, not Business Development.




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